Y O G A . L I F E S T Y L E

“There is a lesson to be learned in every moment. It may be uncomfortable right now, and that’s ok. Because it’s in the difficult territory where you can notice your true nature. It’s amongst the hardships where you get stronger. And it’s in the thick of it where you can connect deeper to yourself.” – Ashley 

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“I love, love love these guides. Yoga is so important to me, both on and off my mat, and both at home and in the studio. This month, getting into the studio just wasn’t possible. Thanks to Ashley…her being the best yoga teacher in your pocket, I’ve been able to continue my practice at home. She is doing great things in the yoga world!” c.v.

“I will forever be thankful for (Ashley). Without you I wouldn’t have tapped into a different and deeper way of thinking and soul searching!!! You are my #yogasoulsister and I can’t wait for your next challenge and to watch your beautiful spirit!” b.a.

“I was laying in Ashley’s class and I found myself in a completely different zone. Pure sense of mindfulness and I never wanted it to leave. I also promised myself in that moment, that a year from that day, my life would be different and I’d be brave enough to make a really specific change for my happiness. I also remember walking into her class a year later, and all of those promises I made had been fulfilled. I had one of the best practices that day.” v.b.