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I found yoga as a teenager at a big health club. I took it as a personal challenge; to be able to get into poses I thought were once impossible.

This initial reason for practicing yoga morphed into much more as I began my own home practice. Without realizing it, I was diving deeper into the true reason yoga was created; to be a tool to achieve something much greater than the poses we practice in modern yoga today.

During a time in my life that was revolved around doing things that were abusive to my body and my mind, yoga gave me an alternative.

It reminded me that my body is beautiful the way it is, and helped me peel off  the layers of negative body image, self-doubt, and victimization to help me uncover my true self; a strong, capable person!

This ability to find the strength in yoga poses eventually made its way off of my mat & into my daily life of mom-ing, discovering other passions, and eventually led me to chasing my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher!

I aspire to bring the bright side of imperfection to yoga;

To teach and spread yoga in a way that brings more self-love, accessiblity & FUN.

Yoga IS for everyone. Yoga is NOT what you see on social media, though these tools do bring interest and fun to yoga;

there is so much more to explore!

When I’m not on my mat, I’m busy loving my life with my husband, 3 kids & 2 pups!

Because of the confidence & clarity yoga has helped me uncover;

You’ll also find me creating and exploring my passion of offering

#YogaForYourSkin over at Saucha Scrub.

I am a dream chaser, a goal digger, and I have a fierce passion for music, cooking, wine & sunshine!

Enough about me!

Come introduce yourself on  Instagram – I’d love to get to know you and your journey!

Thanks for being here!

Feel free to explore my space as I blog about things; the hard and the good!

Come practice with me if you can & as always…have a beautiful day!




RYT 200

I learned from the world renowned teachers, Kathryn Budig & Gina Caputo in a 200hr // 30 day intensive training in Napa Valley, California.

This was a dream to learn yoga, anatomy, sequencing and more from two of the most brilliant teachers of their style who learned from the greatest yoga teachers themselves.

Vinyasa Yoga is a power-based yoga style. This style specifically focuses on “peak poses”. Pairing breath with movement in fluid movements, along with longer holds that essentially prepare your body for the apex pose, this style is carefully sequenced, but built for every body!

RYT 500

One of the pivotal moments for me as a teacher and practitioner of yoga was finding Schol Yoga in Salt Lake City, UT

I graduated from the Schol Yoga University 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training which has brought my RYT level from 200 to 500hr.

This style is unlike any other, and in many people’s opinion, the most important style that needs to be offered everywhere.

Taught with the aspect of “moving your own way”

Schol Yoga strips down modern yoga. It instead focuses on the main points of ancient yoga (mantra/sound, meditation, focus), Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (the poses) while also focusing on the fact that we all come to yoga in different bodies and situations, and even better; that it is OK! This style offers yoga in a way that is safe for every body. It is locally known for good, thought-out music, heated spaces and offering a place to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level; a level that may have never been seen before.

Prenatal Fitness

Certified through NASM

I previously taught prenatal fitness for years, as Mamas in Motion in Salt Lake City, Ut. Though still not practicing, I am passionate about offering expecting mamas a safe and knowledgable space to take care of themselves.