My Story

journeying towards deeper connection


I found yoga as a teenager at a big health club. I took it as a personal challenge; to be able to get into poses I thought were once impossible.

This initial reason for practicing yoga morphed into much more as I began my own home practice. Without realizing it, I was diving deeper into the true reason yoga was created; to be a tool to achieve something much greater than the poses we practice in modern yoga today.

During a time in my life that was revolved around doing things that were abusive to my body and my mind, yoga gave me an alternative.

It reminded me that my body is beautiful the way it is, and helped me peel off  the layers of negative body image, self-doubt, and victimization to help me uncover my true self; a strong, capable person!

This ability to find the strength in yoga poses eventually made its way off of my mat & into my daily life of mom-ing, discovering other passions, and eventually led me to chasing my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher!

I aspire to bring the bright side of imperfection to yoga;

To teach and spread yoga in a way that brings more self-love, accessiblity & FUN.

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Hatha Yoga

500 RYT

I am so honored to have learned under the most brilliant yoga teachers in the world; Kathryn Budig (international inspiration from Yoga Journal and much more), Gina Caputo (founder of Colorado School of Yoga), and Micah Scholes (founder of Scholé Yoga).

I’m trained in Integrated Vinyasa, Scholé Yoga, Bbarrless and Prenatal Fitness.

Yoga isn’t the poses we do…it’s how we do them and what we can learn within them. I try and exude this in all of my yoga classes, by bringing thoughtful movemetns together along with modern music. I am passionate about guiding yoga in a fun + accessable way!

Come practice with me!

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Yoga Nidra

Discover Your Own Wisdom


I am so excited and honored to have been apart of Utah’s very first Yoga Nidra training with Scholé Yoga University!

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation class, between 35 – 55 minutes long. Yoga Nidra translates to “yogic sleep”, and is a very restortative practice where you are guided through meditation by noticing different layers or “sheaths” of your being (ie. physical, emotional, energetic etc.) Through meditation you are guided to explore your own thoughts and wisdom. This practice is truly meaningful to me, and I am so thrilled to be sharing it!

You can find me teaching here + there at the Scholé Yoga Salt Lake studio. Stay tuned for a more consistant schedule, or Contact Me to set up a Private Session.




Energy Healing

Reiki is a deep energy healing art that is practiced to help you clear negative energy, or perhaps help unblock energy that is stagnant in order to make space for the light energy.

We are all created of some type of energy. You don’t have to believe in a God or any higher being to practice Reiki. This is a non-religious practice led by Reiki Guide who strives daily to be in tune with the energy around them in order to help heal others, and notice where they may need help.

A typical Reiki Session with me is 40 minues long. It includes a 20 minute meditation, and a setting of your intention for your practice. You then continue by lying down in rest while I use my intuition and hands to observe certain areas around and on your body (not all Reiki sessions require touching, so if you would not like to be touched that is perfectly fine). By observing the areas where your energy flows, according to many research studies, you may leave your sessions feeling more open to emotions, thoughts, and energies you may have not been observing prior.

Start now and find a deeper connection with your self.


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