Hey LIY Yogi!

If you’re here it’s because you have spent the last 30 days deepening your yoga practice with a little help from your LIY Guide. Your practice definitely does not stop here – it has only just begun! You have your LIY guide forever, as a tool to return to for inspiration, and our Facebook Community for connection + any questions!

If you ever find yourself needing a little more I created this standing offer for you (after many requests!)

If you aren’t ready for this add-on quite yet, it will always be here for you! Even better…you can purchase this as many times as you want!

The LIY Guide Expansion

As you contintue to practice, your goals may evolve + change. That’s where the LIY Guide Expansion comes in!

What You’ll Get

x 10-15 minute One on One Session – Let’s chat about what you need a little more of!

x A Downloadable File with 5 Refreshed Sequences Based on Your Evolved Goals + Needs

LIY Guide Expansion // $25

Request Date/Time for Session