Blocks are the perfect way to modify poses in yoga; to make poses more easeful. But they are also one of the best tools to bring challenge into your practice!

Check out these 6 ways to bring more challenge to YOUR yoga practice!

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I have something to confess.

I have a problem when it comes to using tools that will make things more easful in my progress. I love to prove to myself that I can do hard things, so much that I used to turn down things that will actually help me grow + progress! This has resulted in strained muslces and mental frustration. Why I didn’t turn to blocks in my yoga practice sooner, I will never know!

Here are a few ways that these sweet blocks can help modify certain poses that need more stability, but also a couple ways to tone + challenge in your practice!

Enjoy! xoxo

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Fun fact! No matter how mystical it may seem to watch someone fly and float in the most challenging  yoga poses, you in fact, do NOT need magic powers to pull of a pose like this one: Bakasana (Also known as Crane Pose)

All you really need is the right warm up! Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t easy work, but with practice, some major strengthening of specific muscles, and an open attitude you will fly before you know it!

Before I pass on the core sequence I created for you, here is a little anatomy background, so you know WHY these poses will help.

What happens in Crane Pose is like a beautiful puzzle; each piece is essential to hold the whole things together:

x Chest + arm muscles engage like CRAY

x Inner Thighs (aka Adductor Muscles) draw in, in, in to stabilize

x Hamstrings strengthen to draw heels up

x Low abs engage (rounding upper back helps with this!)

The following poses will help you get SO strong, so fast.

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It’s not just you! Hips are notorious for being tight and inflexible. But with some patience, practice, and coaxing what used to be closed can certainly become open!

Whether you’re a runner, or you work at the office and sit most of your days…these yoga poses will help!

Go through each pose, holding 8-10 breaths, on your R side, then repeat on the L side.

Try this 2-3 times a week, and you will notice a difference before you know it!


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I have heard these statements time and time again…
“I went to yoga once, I couldn’t even touch my toes!”
“I would go to yoga, but I am SO inflexible!”
Sound familiar? Well, it does to me. I have totally been there!
If you think about it, the above statements are pretty similar to these ones:
“I can’t go get a pedicure…my nails are overgrown & my feet are dirty!”
“I need to wash my hair first…then I’ll go to the salon.”
Kind of silly, huh?
So funny how we, as humans, are so quick to judge ourselves in these aspects.
Yoga, in fact, is not about touching your toes.
And the poses themselves were created to be used as tools to achieve something much greater than getting your hands closer to your feet, or your foot closer to your face.
(Because, if you really think about it…do you really want your face to touch your toes or the floor? ;))
The ancient yogis didn’t even do these poses!
They sat in caves and on mountain tops, in meditation, just waiting for something to try and distract them, so that they could resist that urge of distraction.
That is what these poses are for.
Alas, we still yearn for flexibility…and that is ok too!
In fact, it is a byproduct of doing yoga. Not the point, but a big benefit.
And the number one area of the body I get asked questions about?
So without further ado…here are some poses I put together to help gain flexibility in your hips.
Hold these poses for at least 5-8 breaths.
Try closing your eyes,
and definitely notice distractions as they come up,
rather than being so quick to dismiss them.
Hips are a group sensitive, large muscles that need attention.
They’ll bring up weird feelings, maybe even memories.
You’re not the only one feeling it!
Breathe into it, notice, observe, and then try moving on to the next.
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