Fun fact! No matter how mystical it may seem to watch someone fly and float in the most challenging  yoga poses, you in fact, do NOT need magic powers to pull of a pose like this one: Bakasana (Also known as Crane Pose)

All you really need is the right warm up! Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t easy work, but with practice, some major strengthening of specific muscles, and an open attitude you will fly before you know it!

Before I pass on the core sequence I created for you, here is a little anatomy background, so you know WHY these poses will help.

What happens in Crane Pose is like a beautiful puzzle; each piece is essential to hold the whole things together:

x Chest + arm muscles engage like CRAY

x Inner Thighs (aka Adductor Muscles) draw in, in, in to stabilize

x Hamstrings strengthen to draw heels up

x Low abs engage (rounding upper back helps with this!)

The following poses will help you get SO strong, so fast.

Click HERE to download your FREE Arm Balance Guide where I break down Crane Pose for you (amongst many other fun arm balance poses!)

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