FREE // 4 Pose Tutorial

4 Yoga Pose Tutorials to Counter Daily Rounding. Perfect after a day of working at a computer/desk, driving and/or mom-ing!

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LIY Mini Guide // Back Bends

Focused sequences to help uncover flexibility & deepen your back bend practice

What You’ll Get

x 1 Core Sequence

x 2 Focused Sequences

x 6 Yoga Pose Tutorials with Specific Sequence Pairing

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LIY Personalized Guide

YOU are not generic. Your yoga practice shouldn’t be either!

The Live Intentionally Personalized Yoga Guide will provide you with all of the tools to achieve what you are seeking.

Whatever you goals are – there is space for that here!

You will get one on one time to chat with me and plan your very own 30, 60 or 90 day yoga guide ALL tailored towards YOU and your needs/goals.

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ROOTS // 7 Day Yoga Guide

7 Day Yoga Challenge

Created to help you create balance, refresh & find strength in your yoga practice.

What You’ll Find Inside

x Daily Journal Practices

x Daily Yoga Pose Tutorial

x Daily Focus on 1 “root” of Ancient Yoga Teachings

x Daily Yoga Class 20-30 min Long (exclusive links found inside guide)

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